Logistics Timeliness

Generally, liweinozzle.com sends out the injector nozzles after 5-7 working days after the order is paid, some parts can be sent our within 5 working days after payment. The logistics time is calculated from the date when the express companies pick up packages from liweinozzle.com ‘s warehouse. According to years of business and logistics timeliness experience, we made a logistics timeliness form for your reference as follow:

Country of Destination Estimated Arrival Time Country of Destination Estimated Arrival Time Country of Destination Estimated Arrival Time
Japan 3 Days UK 5-7 Days Egypt 5-7 Days
Turkey 5-7 Days Singapore 3 Days Switzerland 5-7 Days
Bahrain 5-7 Days Latvia 7-10 Days New Zealand 7-10 Days
Sri Lanka 5-7 Days Thailand 3 Days Austria 5-7 Days
Romania 5-7 Days Vietnam 3-5 Days Estonia 5-7 Days
Malaysia 3-5 Days Israel 5-7 Days Mexico 7-10 Days
France 5-7 Days America 5-7 Days United Arab Emirates 5-7 Days
Italy 5-7 Days Netherlands 5-7 Days Bengal 7-10 Days
Lebanon 5-7 Days Philippine 3-5 Days Greece 7-10 Days
South Korea 3 Days Spain 5-7 Days Myanmar 5-7 Days
Canada 5-7 Days Germany 5-7 Days Saudi Arabia 7-10 Days
Portugal 5-7 Days Australia 5-7 Days South Africa 7-10 Days
Denmark 5-7 Days Belgium 5-7 Days Ukraine 7-10 Days
India 7-10 Days Qatar 7-10 Days Poland 5-7 Days
Indonesia 3-5 Days Morocco 7-10 Days Pakistan 7-10 Days
Kuwait 7-10 Days        

. The logistics timeliness is for reference only, subjects are according to the actual arrival time.

. The logistics timeliness above the form is under the conditions of no accidental factors.