DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle Celebrate On New Year’s Day

DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle Celebrate On New Year’s Day

In a few days, it will be New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day, which is January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known as “New Year” in most countries in the world. In China, the word New Year’s Day has been around for a long time. It was first seen in the “Book of Jin” in literary works. . “New Year’s Day” in the history of our country refers to “the first day of the first lunar month”. This change occurred at the same time as the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, it was also decided to adopt the world’s common AD calendar method and set January 1st in the Gregorian calendar as New Year’s Day. The first day of the first lunar month was renamed “Spring Festival”.


In some countries, They say that time is fleeting and life is short, so they cry to welcome the New Year, which is a lament for life. Some countries have to drink up all the leftover wine at home before the New Year. If there is still any leftover wine at home on New Year’s Day, they will think that the new year will bring bad luck.


Although the customs about the New Year’s Day are different between the Different countries, the respect for ancestors and good wishes for the upcoming new year are the same on this day.To Celebrate the New Year’s Day,Now liweinozzle.com is giving a promotion on DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle. Let’s learn some basic information about this Injector Nozzle first.


DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of Injector Nozzle for your Injector Nozzle, they are both applicable for completely different Injector Nozzles, and when you buy Injector Nozzle s, we believe the following information on the Injector Nozzles they are applicable for will help you.

Type G3 Series Injector Nozzle
Part Number DLLA150P1746
Application 0 445 120 090
DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle Size 6 cm*1.5cm *1.5 cm
DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle Net Weight 0.03kg
SKU G1Z17LA150P1746


DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle

Above are basic information for DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle , if you are interested in more details of DLLA150P1746, please check:

DLLA150P1746 Technical File:https://www.liweinozzle.com/dlla150p1746-liwei-injector-nozzle-pdf/

DLLA150P1746 Encyclopedia:https://www.liweinozzle.com/dlla150p1746-liwei-injector-nozzle-encyclopedia/


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DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle