Type Common Rail liwei Injector Nozzle
Part Number G3S40
Application Common Rail System
Quality China Made New
SKU G1Z1700000G3S40
Size 10 cm *8 cm *4cm



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G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle Technical Instructions


(1) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzles Basic Information

Title  China Made New Common Rail Liwei Injector Nozzle G3S40 Quality
SKU1  G1Z1700000G3S40 China Made New

(2) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle’s Common Written Part Number

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Order No.  Liwei Injector Nozzle Engraved No.
293400-0400 G3S40

(3) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzles Application for Injectors Part Number

Injector Part Number Injector Series System Pressure Re-manufactured

Part Number

System Pressure
295050-0720 G3 / / /

(4) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle’s Car Model Matching Information


Part Number

ISUZU Car Number HINO Car Number
295050-0720 885-3345-373 SX001-14365

(5) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzles Specifications and Dimensions Parameters

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Size 6 cm*1.5cm *1.5 cm

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Tube Dimensions7 cm *2 cm *2 cm

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Net Weight0.03kg

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Box10 cm *8 cm *4cm

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Gross Weight (10 PCS) 0.3kg

 Liwei Injector Nozzle Quality:China Made New

 Liwei Injector Nozzle MOQ10 PCS

(6) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle’s Customized Service Requirements

The purchased of Customized injector nozzle’s shell lettering or without lettering are no less than 100 pieces.

The purchased of Customized injector nozzle tubes are no less than 2000-3000 pieces.

The purchased of customized injector nozzle boxes are no less than 1000 pieces.

Customized products involve the need of specify logo, the OEM manufacturer needs to provide trademark authorization and the sample of logo image file.

Once the customized  injector nozzle is sold, it can not be returned or exchanged if there is no quality problems.


(7)  G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzles Warranty Coverage

  • Liwei Injector NozzlesWarranty Coverage

Within 15 days after customer receives G3S40 Liwei injector nozzle if there is a performance failure and the product has no appearance damage, customer can choose to replace it or repair it;


If the G3S40 Liwei injector nozzle has performance problems during the warranty period (6-12 months), and it is confirmed that it is product’s problems after testing, you can contact our salesmen to replace the same model or a reworked product with the same performance for free;


If the injector house has obvious scratches, it can only be repaired and it will be returned as it is if the product is confirmed to be fault-free.


  • LiweiInjector Nozzle Out of Warranty Coverage

The warranty period has expired.


Injector nozzle failure caused by high temperature, high pressure, humidity, rain and snow, saline-alkali land, earthquake, and used in abnormal environment.


Injector nozzle damage caused by man-made reasons (throwing, strong magnetic field magnetization, set fire).


Injector nozzle failure or injector damage caused by non-injector design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues.


Injector nozzle failure due to system pressure exceeding system approved pressure.


Injector nozzle failure caused by system voltage exceeding approved voltage.


Injector nozzle failure caused by impurities (water, lead, aluminum powder, iron powder, sulfide) in the system fuel exceeding the standard requirements.


Injector nozzle failure caused by not installing according to the tightening torque specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual (the tightening torque is too large or too small).


Injector nozzle failure caused by not following the installation angle specified in the injector maintenance manual.


Injector nozzle failure caused by not following the cleaning requirements specified in the injector maintenance maintenance manual.


Injector nozzle failure caused by failure to replace consumable parts as specified in the injector maintenance manual.


(8)  G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzles Installation Precautions

  • Clean the injector nozzlein an ultrasonic cleaner for 3-5 minutes before installation, so as to make the stains, dust, rust-proof oil oxides, paraffin base, naphthenic base,  intermediate base, salt, lead naphthenate, zinc naphthenate,  sodium petroleum sulfonate, barium petroleum sulfonate, calcium petroleum sulfonate, tallow diamine trioleate, rosinamine on the surface of the nozzle fall off.
  • Use compressed air to clean the cleaning fluid attached to the surface of the nozzleafter cleaning, and clean it up to the standard of use,  as below.

(9) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle Inspection.

  • Check whether there is deformation, cracking, thread damage, quenching, leakage and rust in the guide sleeve, spring, gasket and tight cap of the nozzle. The tight cap of the nozzle must be replaced after being disassembled for more than 5 times, as shown in the following.
  • Replace the tight cap of the  nozzle and the copper gasket of theLiwei injector nozzle
  • Check whether the gap between the nozzle needle and the nozzle shell is within the standard range and whether it reaches the standard for use
  • All parts should be examined for wear under a microscope at least 20 times larger
  • Nozzle tight cap deformation, cracking, thread damage, quenching, leakage, will lead to black smoke vehicle cap, fuel injector damage.
  • Injector opening pressure greater than or less than the specified range may cause injector damage.
  • Failure to replace wearing parts in time during maintenance may lead to fuel injector damage.


(10) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle’s Lead Time 

Lead time:Send out within 3 – 7 working days after receiving payment(Except for special products and special cases).

(11)  G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzles Packing

Domestic express packagingUsually wrapped in waterproof scotch tape, such as picture No.1.

International express packagingWrapped with waterproof yellow tape After wrapping the black protective film, such as picture No. 2.

Pallet ShippingUse fumigation free and recycling trays that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties for the outside, such as picture No. 3,

Also, the products can be packaged according to customers’ requirements.

  • The packing tray is made of plastic and can be recycled.
  • Transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, white wrapping protective film are nondegradable materials, please dispose of them properly.
  • Minors are prohibited from using transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, andwhite wrapping protective film to avoid personal injury.

G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle

package 3
Pic No.1

Domestic express packaging

Wrapped by Transparent tape

Pic No.2

International express packaging

Wrapped with yellow tape after wrapping black protective film

Pic No.3

Pallet Shipping:Use pallet that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties

(12) G3S40 Liwei Injector Nozzle’s Storage Standard

  • Choose a suitable storage place

The warehouse and cargo yard where the fuel injector is stored should be kept clean and dry, and away from the factory buildings that generate harmful gases and dust; do not mix with acid, alkali, salt and other substances; the storage place should have a good drainage system; the cargo yard should be flattened with gravel or furnace ash etc. to enhance the water permeability of the surface layer to keep the reservoir area dry.

  • Strict requirementsof warehousing

Strict inspections should be carried out when the fuel injectors are put into storage,   the surface cleaning work should be done well to remove water traces, oil stains, ash and other dirt, remove the rust and do anti-rust treatment in time. Packaged injectors must be protected from damage.

  • Keep the warehouse dry and preventing moisture

The relative humidity is usually below 70% for the fuel injectors placed in the room, and the corrosion of the fuel injectors is significantly reduced.


Injectors must be stored in the warehouse, and they are forbidden to store in the same warehouse with commodities with high water content.

  • StackProperly

After the injector is exposed to rain, the corrosion rate will increase significantly. The purpose of sealing is to isolate the injector from rainwater and humid air,   so the warehouse window should be checked in time to avoid rainwater entering the warehouse

If the fuel injector package is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced; when the package is damp, the packaging material should be dried; if the original anti-corrosion and oil applied at the factory is found to be damaged or dried up, it should be cleaned and re-applied oil in time.

It is forbidden to leave the injector exposed in the air for a long time.

It is forbidden to store acid, alkali, salt and other substances together with the injector.

The unpacked fuel injector must be rust-proof during secondary storage.




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