G3S001 Injector Nozzle Celebrate On Winter Solstice

G3S001 Injector Nozzle Celebrate On Winter Solstice

In the near future, we will usher in the winter solstice, one of the traditional Chinese solar terms. It is not only an important solar term among the twenty-four solar terms, but also a traditional ancestor worship festival among Chinese people.


Winter Solstice customs vary in content or details depending on the region. In southern China, there is a custom of worshiping ancestors and feasting during the Winter Solstice. In northern China, there is a custom of eating dumplings on the winter solstice every year.


Although the customs about the winter solstice are different between the north and the south, the respect for ancestors and good wishes for the upcoming new year are the same on this day.To Celebrate the Winter Solstice,Now liweinozzle.com is giving a promotion on G3S001 Injector Nozzle . Let’s learn some basic information about this Injector Nozzle first.



G3S001 Injector Nozzle Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of Injector Nozzle for your Injector Nozzle, they are both applicable for completely different Injector Nozzles, and when you buy Injector Nozzle s, we believe the following information on the Injector Nozzles they are applicable for will help you.


Type G2 Series Injector Nozzle
Part Number G3S001
Application 295050-1020
G3S001 Injector Nozzle Size 6 cm*1.5cm *1.5 cm
G3S001 Injector Nozzle Net Weight 0.03kg
SKU G1Z170000G3C001


Above are basic information for G3S001 Injector Nozzle , if you are interested in more details of G3S001, please check:

G3S001 Technical File:https://www.liweinozzle.com/g3c001-liwei-injector-nozzle-pdf/

G3S001 Encyclopedia:https://www.liweinozzle.com/g3c001-liwei-injector-nozzle-encyclopedia/


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 How To Buy G3S001 Injector Nozzle

On liweinozzle.com, customers only need 4 steps to purchase G3S001 Injector Nozzle .

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After customers receive G3S001 Injector Nozzle within 15 days , customer can choose to replace it or repair it if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the surface.

And liweinozzle.com provide 6-12 months warranty for G3S001 Injector Nozzle .