DSLA143P1523 Injector Nozzle Laba Festival Promotion

Laba Festival, which is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month every year, is also known as the “Dharma Treasure Festival”, “Buddha Enlightenment Festival”,… Read More »DSLA143P1523 Injector Nozzle Laba Festival Promotion

DLLA152P1058 Liwei Injector Nozzle Promotion on Xiao Han
DLLA150P1746 Injector Nozzle

Christmas, also known as the Birthday of Jesus, is one of the important festivals in the West. In order to celebrate the birth of the… Read More »G3S198 Injector Nozzle Celebrate On Christmas

Shumatt--Winter Solstice (2)

In the near future, we will usher in the winter solstice, one of the traditional Chinese solar terms. It is not only an important solar… Read More »G3S001 Injector Nozzle Celebrate On Winter Solstice

Shumatt-Shanghai Automechanika

The Shanghai Automechanika was officially launched on November 29, 2023, Beijing time. Auto parts companies from all over the world gathered here, and Shumatt also had a… Read More »DLLA149P1787 Toasts to The Success Of The Shanghai Automechanika

DSLA142P1474 Liwei injector nozzle blog

Da Xue is the 21st solar term among the twenty-four solar terms and the third solar term in winter.It marks the official start of midwinter.… Read More »DSLA142P1474 Liwei Injector Nozzle Promotion On Da Xue


Among the twenty-four solar terms, Light Snow is the twentieth and is the second solar term in winter, falling on November 22 or 23 of… Read More »G3S14 Injector Nozzle Promotion on Light Snow


Xiao xue is the 20th solar term among the twenty-four solar terms, and the second solar term in winter. It falls on November 22 or… Read More »G3S20 Liwei Nozzle Promotion on Xiaoxue