G3S14 Injector Nozzle Promotion on Light Snow

G3S14 Injector Nozzle Promotion on Light Snow

Among the twenty-four solar terms, Light Snow is the twentieth and is the second solar term in winter, falling on November 22 or 23 of each year. The solar word “light snow” refers to both temperature and precipitation. It’s a solar phrase that refers to powerful cold air activity and cold waves that occur frequently. The light snow solar term’s arrival indicates a drop in temperature and an increase in precipitation. The arrival of the first snow reminds people to pay attention to keeping warm from the cold, which has great guiding significance for people’s lives and work. Light Snow solar period traditional customs include consuming sticky rice cakes, pickled vegetables, dried fish, etc. In addition, there are many folk proverbs and literary poems about Light  Snow solar term.


In order to celebrate this traditional festival with a long history and rich cultural heritage, liweinozzle.com will give a certain discount on the injector nozzle G3S14.Let’s first learn some basic information about G3S14 Liwei injector nozzle.


G3S14 Liwei Injector Nozzle Common Written


The original lettering of the nozzle number is G3S14, but in different countries, customers have different habit to write it. Usually, G3S14 is written as follows :

G3S14 293400-0140 / /



G3S14 Liwei Injector Nozzle Application Information


It is important to choose the correct type of injector nozzle for your injector, they are both applicable for completely different injectors, and when you buy injector nozzles, we believe the following information on the injectors they are applicable for will help you.

Injector Series G3
Injector Nozzle Part Number G3S14
Applicable For diesel injector:




For Car Model /
G3S14 injector nozzle Size 7 cm *2 cm *2 cm
G3S14 injector nozzle Net Weight 0.03 kg


Above are basic information for G3S14 Liwei injector nozzle, if you are interested in more details of G3S14, please check:


G3S14 Technical File:https://www.liweinozzle.com/g3s14-liwei-injector-nozzle-pdf/


G3S14 Encyclopedia:https://www.liweinozzle.com/g3s14-liwei-injector-nozzle-encyclopedia/



How To Buy G3S14 Liwei Injector Nozzles


Customers only need 4 steps to purchase Liwei injector injector nozzles on liweinozzle.com.

. Contact us and fill in your request in the form.

. liweinozzle.com confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

liweinozzle.com delivers your purchase products.


liweinozzle.com will arrange one on one customer service when you purchase injector nozzles from us. After customers receive injectors nozzle within 15 days , customer can send them back to replace or repair if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the injector nozzles’ surface.

And liweinozzle.com provides 6-12 months warranty for injector nozzles.

G3S14 Injector Nozzle Promotion on Light Snow